Origami Bird Branch Wedding Centerpieces

Whether you are a fan of Japanese origami art or a bride who wants something unique and not the conventional floral centerpieces, these origami paper bird branch centerpieces might just be for you! They do not only look original and artful but are also very friendly to your wallet. Afterall, they consist of the two almost cheapest decoration materials: branches and paper. As these origami birds are not difficult to create, this is a perfect project for our savvy DIY brides!

If you are a bit wondering how to make these beautiful paper birds, the following tutorial might give you some guidance:

origami bird folding tutorial

So if you start to feel like this can be your thing, let’s get some more inspirations with these adorable origami birds and branches centerpieces:

This could make a statement centerpiece or a striking decoration at your guest table. I have known brides who have their guests write their blessings on the paper brides and hang them on the “tree” themselves at the reception. That could make a great idea for a non-traditional guest book!

origami bird branch wedding centerpiecesMathieu Photography via Wedding chicks

origami bird branch centerpieces{via Vicki Li on Pinterest}

origami paper bird branch centerpieces 1

{image and full wedding album on Offbeatbride}

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