Pink wedding gowns – Be a princess in your wedding!

Pink wedding gowns are a beautiful alternative for brides who do not want to opt for a traditional white wedding dress. Pink wedding dresses are especially great for brides who want to have a dreamy and romantic atmosphere for their wedding.

You can choose among a range of tones for your pink wedding gown. Some brides might prefer hot pink as the color kind of pops out and draws attention while others might prefer softer and lighter color like pastel pink. Whichever tone you choose, you will still look like a true princess in a pink wedding dress!

You can opt for an all-pink wedding gown or to combine with some other colors. The most popular color to go with a pink wedding dress is white. Pink and white makes a pleasant, clean and yet elegant combination. You could also go for an all-white or all-pink bouquet. Below are some beautiful pink gowns I have collected for your reference:

A classic long tail wedding dress with the pink-white combination:

pink wedding gowns

Beautiful unusual looking gown from Martha Stewart

pink wedding gowns

A pastel pink wedding dress:

pink wedding gown

 Ruffled pink wedding dress via Helencarterweddingsvintage pink wedding gown

And if you decide that your bridesmaids will also have pink dresses:

pastel pink bridesmaid dressesImage credit

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