6 most popular wedding themes for your inspiration

Wedding theme is the essence of a wedding. It is the combination of all the wedding elements and creates a general feel and atmosphere for a wedding. A wedding theme is something you should decide from the early stage of your wedding planning timeline and is a crucial decision as it will decide how all other elements of your wedding will be. Inspirations for a wedding theme can come from various sources, it could come from your childhood fairy tales or the latest Bridal magazine. I hope 6 most popular wedding themes below can inspire you to come up with your own unique theme:

Favorite colors

One of the most common themes comes from the favorite colors of the couple. For example if your favorite colors are white, you can go for a white and pink wedding theme. Sometimes it is the combination of the bride and groom’s favorite colors. From this the wedding attire, linens, flowers will be chosen in order to suit the color theme.


purple eggplant wedding
Purple is a common wedding color - Photo from purple projectwedding.com


Seasons and holidays

Seasons and holidays is also another popular wedding theme. The colors could also be chosen according to the season the wedding theme depicts. For example popular winter wedding colors are blue, purple and red, autumn wedding colors are orange, deep red, brown and spring weddings usually have pastel colors. Many couples also opt for having their wedding on a holiday as it is everyone’s vacation and the guests would have more time to attend their wedding. However remember to take into account that during holidays, venues, lodging and transportation costs tend to increase greatly. The holiday theme could be New Year’s Eve, St Patrick, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.


christmas wedding ideas
Christmas wedding ideas - Photo from weddingflowersworld.com

Other seasonal themes could be the harvest season (this is usually in the autumn and couples could rent out a barn as their wedding venue), flower season or fruit seasons, for example you can throw an apple theme wedding during the apple season.

Movie inspired wedding themes

The couple can get the inspiration for their wedding from theater plays, movies or books. The bride might get inspired by a childhood story and wants to have a fairy tale wedding with her Prince Charming. Movies, wedding related or not, are a big source for wedding inspiration. Remember do not go over the board and make it a costume party, it is still a wedding and your aunt and uncle might not feel comfortable sitting in the middle of vampires and Draculas. The most popular movie-inspired wedding themes remain to be Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella as they are many brides’ childhood dream.


cinderella wedding inspirations
Cinderella wedding inspirations


Historic periods

Some brides and grooms choose historic periods as their wedding themes. It could be the Renaissance, Victorian, the 60s, the 80s, etc. The historic period theme influenced the most on the music played in the wedding and the clothing style of the wedding party. This type of theme could be very fun. However you have to think about how to incorporate your guests into the theme, for example whether there is a dress code to the wedding reception.


60s wedding inspiration
60s wedding inspiration


Borrowed culture

Do you remember Katy Perry and her lavish Indian style wedding? If you are an American and you decide to have a Japanese style wedding, you are having a borrowed culture wedding theme. The borrowed culture can be from the cultural heritage of the bride or the groom family side or can be just from a special interest in that particular culture.


indian inspired wedding
An Indian wedding - Photo by Flickr(soo12) from Marigoldevents.com



Wedding themes could also come from a favorite activity or a hobby of the wedded couple. For example a couple who enjoys outdoor activities might go for an outdoor wedding with many activities for the guests to take part in.

Tips for choosing your wedding theme

  • Having a unique wedding theme is fun and special. However you have to take into consideration how your guests will react to the theme. If you arrange some special activities during the wedding reception, remember to arrange some extra activities for guests who do not want to participate.
  • If you are having a borrowed culture theme, remember to explain to the guests some features of the culture that your wedding theme depicts so that they will not feel lost and confused.
  • It would be great if you can find a venue that matches perfectly with your wedding theme. However in many cases you might not find, especially if your wedding is in high season. Do not be discouraged. You can always make your theme happen by other elements of your wedding, such as the decorations, the favor, the food, the music.

If you have an idea for a unique wedding theme and do not know where to start, drop me a line at [email protected], I will try to help you get started on the wedding theme ideas! x

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