Winter wedding ideas: colors for a winter wedding

Winter wedding colors are known for their elegance and royalness. Find out what winter wedding colors are and what color combinations would be the best for your dream wedding.

Every time I hear about winter weddings, I think about the “winter wonderland” theme with a lot of white snow and crystal snow flake. A winter wedding, even though less popular than other seasons, is a chance to create a fairy tale like look and a warm and cozy atmosphere. Winter wedding colors are also known for their elegance and royalness.

According to our color combination guide and color wheel, the basic winter colors are pink, purple, indigo (a mixture of blue and violet), blue. You can use all of shades and hues of each basic color, for example different types of blue are: pale blue, sky blue, navy blue, cornflower blue. Types of purple are eggplant purple, violet, lilac. Types of reds: dark red, burgundy (a purplish red), sangria. Below are a few sample winter wedding color combinations. Basics winter colors could be combined with complimentary colors (red, silver and gold).

winter wedding colors scheme

You can either combine pink, purple and silver, shades of purple and gold, dark red and blue, etc. Referring to the color wheel, the further the 2 colors are, the more contrast they will create. Thus a combination of dark red and violet would be more harmonious than the combination of red and blue.

Another way to combine winter wedding colors is black, white + one of the colors in the above palette. This is a safe color combination choice and still looks very elegant and classy.

Below are a few color combination ideas for winter themed weddings for your inspiration:

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winter wedding colors combination

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