Peacock Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

A few years ago I would be surprised when someone told me that they were going to have a peacock themed wedding. Not anymore! More and more couples have opted for this wedding theme because of the catchy color palette and the combined look of elegance and wildness. In addition, because of this wide range of colors for this theme, peacock weddings tend to be quite inexpensive. The reason is that the more color choice you have, the more chance you will find needed supplies at a discount. Peacock themed weddings, besides the bold colors, also often have the presence of other elements such as peacock icon, prints and feathers, which are also easy and inexpensive to find.

Peacock wedding colors

The most popular colors for a peacock wedding are aqua, teal, green, gold, black and purple. Of course you can mix match these colors together to make your own color palette. You don’t have to use all these colors for your wedding.

peacock wedding colorsPhoto credit

Peacock inspired wedding dresses

For a peacock wedding, you can either go for a colored wedding dress that incorporates your theme colors or a white dress with some special “peacock” touches. The special touches could be a belt in teal, deep green or gold. You could just wear a traditional all-white dress of your choice and leave the colorful part for your bouquet.

peacock wedding dressesPeacock wedding dresses – Photo credits (clockwise): notyouraverageordinary, kellydevoto, synfullydelicious, Etsy

peacock wedding partyLook at this peacock wedding party. So cool! – Photo credit: The Knot

Peacock wedding bouquets

Needless to say, peacock themed bouquets are colorful with vibrant colors such as blue, green, purple and yellow. Many brides incorporate feathers into the bouquet for a complete look. The color of the feathers could be either green, blue, gold or even black. Of course the black feathers would create a more dramatic and somewhat Gothic look to your bouquet. Below are a few sample bouquet designs for your inspirations.

peacock wedding bouquetsPhoto credits: stylemepretty, weddingbycolor, rawphotodesign via Stylemepretty, lexknox, static.w-weddingflowers, my-wedding-concierge

Peacock wedding invitations

I don’t know why but I love this part the most in a peacock wedding. Probably because there are so many creative and amazing looking invitation designs for peacock weddings. Most of the peacock wedding invitations incorporate the peacock feather icon or the bird itself in the design. Below are some awesome invitation designs I found:

peacock wedding invitationsAll the peacock wedding invitations have a royal and glamorous feeling with them and I love the idea of having a peacock feather attached to the invite! – Photo credits: stylemepretty, bing images, projectwedding, peterlovesjane, Etsy, Etsy

Peacock inspired wedding cakes

Below are some beautiful inspirations for this theme’s wedding cakes. Look at the icing design and the colors! Talking about bold and beautiful!

 peacock wedding cakesPhoto credits: markjosephcakes, cakecentral, rosebudcakes, everylastdetailblog, weddingchicks

Peacock wedding centerpieces

The simplest way is just to use flowers in teal and blue as centerpieces. Some flowers that would be suitable for a peacock wedding are orchid, iris, bachelor buttons, hydrangea and blue rose. Of course you could also choose any other type of flowers that you like, as long as they fit to the color palette.

peacock wedding centerpieces

Photo credits: weddingbee, ufashiontrends, apollosidea

Peacock wedding is a versatile theme for any season of the year. The wide range of colors (any color that can be found in a peacock’s feather is good to use) also makes it a “less maintenance” theme. So if you are still wondering about which theme to go for, peacock is always an easy and trendy option.

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