Wedding vendor guide: How to spot a good wedding caterer

Food and drinks are the biggest expense categories in your wedding budget. This is why finding a good caterer is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding. You would want to hire a wedding caterer that not only offers you delicious food and good service, but also understands your style and wedding theme. Below are a few tips that will help you spot a good caterer for your wedding.

Experienced and certified

Food is something that cannot go wrong in any occasion. You would want your food not only tastes good but also is made from high quality ingredients and in a hygienic kitchen. In order to ensure the food quality, you have to rely on certified and experienced caterers. If it is possible, ask the caterer if he or she can provide contacts of some previous customers so that you can ask for a review.  You will feel better about your choice after hearing the opinions of people who have used the caterer’s service.
The more years the caterer has been in the business, the better your choice is, especially when you have a big wedding. There are potentially many things that can go wrong in such an event, you would want someone who knows their way in and out the business so that they can act quickly in case of emergency.

Be able to accommodate specialized diet need

A good caterer should have a wide experience and knowledge about different types of meals. There might be a chance that some of your guests will inform later that they need a specialized meal, for example vegetarian food or sugar-free dessert.

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A good caterer ensures food quality and presentation – Photo by Robert Haynes-Peterson from

Attentive in the first meeting

A good caterer will be attentive in the first meeting with his or her client, take notes and ask appropriate questions. This is a sign that the caterer is serious about her business and wants to know as much as possible about what the clients want. A good caterer would try to find out more about your style and your wedding theme and treat your wedding as a unique event.

Can advise on menus, food and drinks for your wedding

Couples usually do not know about the details of the wedding menu in advance and have to rely on the caterer’s suggestions. A good caterer is the one that can advise you on what types of food and drinks that are suitable with your wedding theme and budget. If you have a tight budget for catering, the caterer would suggest different food and drink alternatives that could lower the expenses.


Some vendors have fixed packages, for example 5 course meal, 3 course meal or do not allow you to bring your own alcohol. Unless you would want exactly the package the caterer offers, the caterer should give room for flexibility. You should be able to modify the meal according to your needs and bring your own alcohol.

Extra services in the package

Many vendors offer extra services free or for a small charge. For example, the vendor who catered for my wedding offered paper napkins, tableware and linens for no additional charge. Take into account additional services when comparing between different caterers as you would want to compare apple to apple. A wedding caterer who charges a lower price per portion but does not include napkins and tableware might in the end be more expensive than the one with higher price but offers napkins and tableware for free.

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