Small and intimate wedding venues ideas

A small wedding can be just as fun and as stunning as any big celebration. If you have a small intimate wedding with 60 guests, there is no point having a hotel ballroom. A small wedding calls for intimate settings that is warm and cozy. Below are a few suggested venues for a small intimate wedding, you can find here the inspirations to start the quest for your dream venue:


With an intimate wedding with less than a hundred people, you can use your own home or a relative’s house. Many houses’ backyards can seat up to 150 people, creating plenty of room for your wedding. Having an “at-home” wedding can save you a lot of money as you do not have to pay for the venue, and potentially rentals if your family members and relatives have enough tableware and vases. The only things you have to rent are tables, chairs and linens.

Historic estates and gardens

Historic estates or inns are beautiful places to hold your wedding. These historic estates usually have their own garden, which creates a natural backdrop and you do not have to spend that much in floral decoration. Many of the historic inns do not have wedding services, however they usually agree if you have a small celebration under 100 people.

Do not forget bed and breakfast places in your area. I have seen so many beautiful bed and breakfasts that would make perfect wedding venues in any area. Many times these are overlooked as they are not famous wedding venues.

Gardens are also lovely venues for small weddings. I personally love garden weddings where the whole wedding blends in with nature and everyone dines outdoors on the green grass. The garden usually makes the perfect background for your wedding photos. On top of that, pictures always come out more pretty when they are taking in natural light.

venues for small weddings - garden
Gardens are perfect venues for outdoor weddings


A restaurant is another venue that you should consider when having a small intimate wedding. At a restaurant you do not have to worry about renting tables, chairs, linens or even spending much on decoration as the restaurant is usually already well decorated. The only drawback is that most of the time you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol and have to use their own selection, which might be cost prohibitive at times.

Wedding on a boat

A boat is lovely place to have a wedding for a sea-loving couple. Big weddings usually cannot be held in a boat for its limited capacity. However if you have small amount of guests, a wedding on a boat will be fun and unique. If a friend of yours or friend of friends owns a boat, that would be the cheapest solution. Otherwise you can also check with some cruise companies in your area, they even might have small cruise wedding packages available already. Many boats also act as restaurant which could be a place to host your wedding.

venues for small wedding - boat
A boat wedding - Photo from

Small winery

More couples are drawn into the winery areas nowadays to tie the knot. Hills and hills of green vineyard make extremely romantic and relaxing settings for any event. The largest wine production countries are Italy, France, Chile, Spain, Argentina and the United States. There are a vast number of wineries across the U.S., with the most in California. Wineries are very popular venues for many destination weddings. You should consider yourself very lucky if there are some wineries close by to your area. Even though big wineries usually have wedding services already, many smaller wineries do not offer such services. You would have to talk to the owner and make the arrangement. Just as the historic inns, the owner is likely to agree if it is a small wedding.

small wedding venues - winery wedding
Winery are popular among destination weddings - Photo from

Be creative! There are so many unusual places to host a small wedding. The options are endless, from park, forest, beach to a farm, a castle or museum. If you find a beautiful intimate setting that you think is great for your small wedding, do not hesitate to contact the owner to ask. You might find the dream venue for your most special day in a place that you have never thought about before.

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