Must read: Dos and don’ts when planning a wedding

A wedding is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. Planning a wedding can be hard work, especially if you are under budget constraints. However, if you just follow some simple principles, you will have a wonderful wedding with minimal stress and problems. Below are the collected Dos and Don’ts in wedding planning. Keep in mind these tips and you will find them extremely valuable during the stressful planning process.

dos donts wedding planning


– Don’t get all hung up on wedding planning. Spare time to spend with family, especially time to get to know your future husband’s family.

– Ask for opinions from family, your fiancé, friends and people with previous wedding planning experience before making any decision.

– Buy a notebook and take notes of all the things you have to do and remember.

– Make a list of all the things you don’t like about previous weddings you have been to. You can gain a lot of experience from them to make your wedding better.

– Make a budget for all the necessary items in your wedding. Try to keep everything under budget. If you have gone over the budget, ask for your fiancé’s or experienced people’s advice.

– Make time for everything, from booking a venue, printing the invitations to renting tuxes. You usually do not get good deals in last minutes and rushing is the cause for many errors and mistakes.

– Be sure to have a printed contract from all of your wedding vendors. If some vendor doesn’t provide you with a contract, have a spare vendor just in case.

– Prepare envelopes for payments to vendors, if you have to pay by cash.

– Eat and live healthily. This assures you to be in the best state and best look on your big day.

– Do not do everything alone. Seek for help from a bridesmaid or a wedding planner. This will not only save you time but also put your mind at ease before and during the wedding.

– Prepare a bag for your emergency kit. You will see that an emergency kit will be worth gold during your wedding!

– Choose a wedding dress that fits your body the best and makes you look the prettiest, not the prettiest dress.

– Choose wedding shoes that have solid heels and are comfortable to your feet. Some brides even consider flats for their weddings.



– Many brides get too involved with the wedding planning and forget to make time for the man who they are going to celebrate it with. Remember to spend time and build up the relationship with your fiancé.

– Do not show that you are too exhausted or stressed about the wedding. As the bride, you should keep a positive vibe for your whole bridal party.

– Complains or make negative comments about weddings you have been to to other people. You may not like something about those weddings and but keep the learned experience for yourself.

– Feel obliged to use recommendations from your friends or acquaintances. Choose vendors that you feel the most suitable for your wedding and budget.

– Use too bright colors for the wedding decorations or make the décor too complicated. Remember sometimes less is more.

– Change the traditional wedding customs too much. If you want to be innovative, keep it in the limit and consult your family. Wedding ceremonies should still follow the traditions of your culture.

– Procrastinate. As mentioned before, always remember to make time for everything.

– Have too exotic food in your menu. If your wedding has a lot of guests of your parents, keep the menu traditional and familiar to them.


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