How to Find a Good Wedding Photographer

Marrying the person of your dreams is obviously exciting, and so you certainly want to make the big day as memorable and wonderful as possible. Hiring the best wedding photographer around is one of the ways to accomplish that goal. However, sometimes this task isn’t as simple as it sounds – leading to disastrous consequences. Read on to glean some insight as to how to find the best photographer for your weeding.

Look at Photographs

Have any of your family members or friends recently been married? If so, browse through the professional photos they’ve posted on their social media pages, or ask if you can take a look at their wedding albums. By doing so, you’ll get a fresh taste of what different photographers are able to offer. This is especially helpful if you know you’ll have the same budget. Who knows? You may even find yourself with a referral discount.

Conduct Online Research

Now, you probably want to interview at least a small pool of photographers to find out who the best fit is for you. Some communities have websites that are specifically dedicated to people like you, who are planning weddings in this area, so look around to see what others have to say about some of the photographers in your city. You can also read reviews online, as long as the review sites are legitimate and monitored (Angie’s List is a safe bet). On top of that, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any problems have arisen.

Interviewing Photographers

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable with the photographer who you are hiring, as they’ll be around your entire big day, so you should set up interviews with the individuals in whom you are interested. Ask an array of questions such as:

– Do you use a traditional style or a more photojournalistic one?

– How many photographers are included in the package?

– How many hours and albums are included in the package?

– Who owns the rights to the proofs?

It’s not that there is a right and wrong answer for all of these questions; it’s what you are comfortable with that matters.

The Budget

You probably have an inkling that wedding photographer can be expensive, but you might not realize quite how much. Before you even go to the interviews, ask for an approximate idea of what a desirable package might cost you. Now, you should know that packages are going to vary by what you want to include in them and even the part of the country in which you live. When you find a photographer whom you like, be honest about your budget. Avenues of negotiation might exist, and you might be able to get a package that is more suitable to your needs AND your budget only by asking for it.

Remember, when the wedding is over, you’re going to want to look back at your pictures and smile. In order to accomplish that goal, you need to hire a good – well, great – wedding photographer. Of course, the term “good” is subjective, and you will have to spend some time figuring out what this word means to you and your fiancĂ©.

*Raymond Jimenez is a counselor who helps people deal with relationships and personal finance. His recent work is how to find the best **counseling degrees online <>

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