Save On Engagement Rings and Other Things with Weddings on a Budget

Every bride dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle. They dream of grand weddings with hundreds of guests and wedding themes to die for. However, when asked what their budget is they have to step back down to earth, out of the clouds and check their savings account. Although it is tradition that the fathers are the ones who pay for the wedding, it is always wise to ask about the budget and work your way from there. Keep in mind that there are many ways to save money on a wedding; it is all about spending money in the right areas like engagement rings and less on other unimportant areas like expensive table covers.

There are many ways to save on a wedding; however, there are some matters that require less frugality in. These include engagement rings, venue, photos and videos and a couple more depending on its importance to the couple. With that said, here are some tips to save on other aspects of the wedding.

Reception/After Wedding Party

  1. Shorten the guest list. The catering cost will be lower as well as the count for invitations and centrepieces.
  2. Save thousands of money when you book your reception off season.
  3. Have your ceremony and reception in one location, not only will this save in venue fees it will also save money in travel costs. By shortening travel time, the money you pay the venues for hourly charges will be put to good use.
  4. Skip on the weekend parties, these cost more.
  5. Opt for bigger tables since this will also lessen the number of centrepieces as well as table cloths.
  6. Shop for decor during off seasons, pink vases and items are really affordable on Valentine’s Day while black vases are ideal to be bought during Halloween.



  1. Choose more greenery than flowers; they will make the decor full and attractive.
  2. Opt for more affordable flowers, in season flowers are also affordable. Check out the season flowers for the date of the wedding.
  3. Narrow your choices to one to two kinds of flowers.
  4. Consider other decor to include to the presentation like lanterns.


Food & Drink

  1. Opt for entree duets.
  2. Consider a cocktail party where only appetizers and drinks are served.
  3. Offer wine, beer as well as a signature cocktail instead of a full bar.
  4. Choose comfort foods that include barbecued chicken, corn as well as mac and cheese.
  5. Consider skipping the champagne toast.



  1. Select a small sized one to two tiered cakes for display. Then have a sheet cake hidden in the kitchen for serving.
  2. Use fresh flowers if amenable and keep the add-ons light.
  3. The ceremony flowers may be reused for reception like in the cake table.


  1. Choose single page invites.
  2. Offer one favor per couple or family.
  3. Consider the cakes to be the favor.
  4. Opt to email your save the dates.
  5. DIY your menu cards, packaging for wedding favors as well as escort cards.


Keep in mind that spending money items that will last forever like engagement rings and wedding photos are ideal that splurging on expensive centrepieces. Consider the tips above to save up on your wedding.

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