How-to: Cheap and easy DIY bridal bouquet

Do-it-yourself wedding bouquet for less than $20 – Easy way to make your own wedding bouquet. This method can you use to make bouquets for brides, bridesmaids or for decorations

If you are on a tight budget, why spend on having a florist making your wedding bouquet? You can make your own bridal bouquet and it can still look gorgeous! There are many types of bridal bouquets and the easiest type you can do yourself is a posy bouquet. A posy bouquet is a small and round bouquet that can be carried around easily. Posy bouquets very popular in among today’s brides as they look simple, modern and still elegant.

Making your own wedding bouquet is fun and easy. There are not many required supplies and they can all be found in local craft or floral store.

how to make your own bridal bouquet


The flowers you can buy either from the florist’s or from the supermarket. I was making a rose bouquet and bought them from the supermarket at less than $10 for 10 roses. You can use any flowers you want, a wedding bouquet usually has from 15 to 30 flower stems, depending on the size of the flowers. I used 15 roses in this bouquet, as the roses looked pretty big already.


To make this bouquet, you need:

– A pair of scissors

– Floral tape (in the craft store you can find the floral tape in many colors, mine is green)

– Rubber bands (you will need at least 2)

– Ribbons (choose the ribbon color that matches with your wedding theme and the colors of your flowers)

– Double-sided tape or pearl headed pin (not in the below picture)

diy wedding bouquet supplies


I chose 2 colors of roses in my bridal bouquet: 10 in orange-pink and 5 in ivory with orange lining.

Step 1: Take out all of the leaves and thorns and cut the flowers to the length that you feel comfortable holding in your palm. In my bouquet the stems were cut to 25 cm.

diy bridal bouquet

Step 2: Arrange the flowers into a around bouquet, you can mix the flowers randomly or arrange them in a certain order. I like a spontaneous look so I let the flowers arrange themselves in a bundle. After the flowers get the desired round shape, make sure the stem ends are even, cut out any parts that are longer than the rest.

diy bridal bouquet

Step 3:Tie them up!

– Tie them up with 2 rubber bands: one near the flowers and one near the stem ends. You can use another rubber band in the middle if the flowers seem to be loose.

diy bridal bouquet

– Wrap the floral tape around the body of the bouquet, covering the rubber bands.

diy bridal bouquet

– Wrap the ribbon on top of the floral tape. When you reach the bottom of the bouquet, you can either use double-sided tape like me to fix the end of the ribbon or use pearl headed pin like this, which is a more popular choice.

do it yourself wedding flowers

Finish! A simple, easy and cheap DIY wedding bouquet under 20 minutes and all together costs less than $20.  The choice of flowers and colors will decide the formality level of your wedding bouquet.

For a formal look: use only one type of flower and color. The colors that create the most formal look are white, ivory and pale. The less greenery there is in the bouquet, the more formal it looks.

For a casual look: mix and match different types of flowers and colors. Greenery can be used here and there with the flowers to create a natural feel.

do it yourself wedding bouquet

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