5 Most famous wedding dresses in modern history

Fashion comes and goes with time. Some make a come-back for a brief period, and then have to give way to another fashion trend. Nowadays brides enjoy hundreds of trendy wedding dress styles for their important day. However there are some brides who always look back in time, to the most prominent fashion icons to find their inspiration.

The most famous wedding dresses in contemporary history must belong to Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and most recently, Kate Middleton. These wedding dresses have a timeless elegance and beauty and are the inspiration for many modern wedding dresses.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress

In 1956, film star Grace Kelly was married to Princes Rainier of Monaco, which was considered the wedding of the year, if not of the century. Her wedding dress showed elegance and royalty with antique Valenciennes rose point lace, silk taffeta and tulle. The long lace sleeve looked so sophisticated and this idea can be applied easily in any wedding dress, especially for brides with autumn and winter wedding.

Grace Kelly wedding dress

Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Bouvier and Congressman John Kennedy were married in 1953. They had a lavish wedding reception with 900 guests attending. Jacqueline’s wedding dress required 50 yards of ivory silk taffeta to make. Her portrait neckline created a very elegant and princess-like look. Even though later Jacqueline said that she did not like the wedding dress she was wearing, it had become a fashion iconic item.

Jacqueline Kennedy wedding dress

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s wedding dress by all means is one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time. The dress was featured with big puffed sleeves and a 25ft train had set the fairy-tale wedding dress trend in the 80’s. There have been many articles comparing the wedding look of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, however it was difficult to compare as the styles are so different. Princess Diana had a total fairy-tale princess look while Kate Middleton’s dress had a sleek and elegant feel.

Princess Diana wedding dress

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy 

Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr. were married in a secret intimate ceremony in 1996. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy surprised the public when wearing a very simple silk floor-length dress. Carolyn Bessette’s wedding dress had set the trend for sleek, simple and modern wedding dresses. Brides on a budget could also consider this look as the wedding dress style is not difficult to find and not so expensive. In addition, the simple hair bun can easily be done by yourself.

carolyn bessette kennedy wedding dress

Kate Middleton wedding dress

The latest iconic wedding dress belongs to Kate Middleton in the Royal wedding in spring 2011. Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was said to be an inspired version of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. It was reported to cost £250,000. The dress was so sleek and sophisticated that when Kate walked down the aisle in her white lacy gown, she looked like a true princess.

 kate middleton wedding dress

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