How to buy a wedding dress for under $100

I am not a fan of fluffy princess like dresses, even though I think they look adorable on many people, just not me. I have a small body and with a big fluffy dress, I might get lost in it. This is why I liked my wedding dress to look like a normal prom gown. I went from one bridal shop to another to look for a simple, straight and form fitting dress that complimented my body shape and still looked classy. Tired of looking at bridal gowns, I stopped by at a Mango outlet in the shopping street and out of my expectation, I found a big number of dresses that I would consider to be my wedding dress.

These were formal gowns and after your wedding, you could even wear it in special occasions so that it would not only be a one-time-use dress. Some of you might think that night gowns would be too simple for a wedding dress. But look at Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s dress! It made her look so pure and elegant even though the dress itself was very simple and plain.

Of course not all the clothing stores have gown dresses in white color, normally the gown dresses at the store come in patterns or in bright colors. So it’s great if you are into colored wedding dresses. But if you are into traditional white wedding dresses like me, you may need to spend some time surfing on the internet to find a clothing brand that carries some gowns in white. Other than Mango, you could also look at Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, H&M, etc. All of these stores carry maxi dresses that cost under or around $100, which is great value for a wedding dress.

This goes the same for bridesmaids’ dresses. When there are so many beautiful dresses at clothing stores, while so many people bother to go to bridal shop to get charged $250 for each? All of my bridesmaids got their dresses from H&M and some other fashion stores, which were not more than$50 each, and they were beautiful! The dress styles differed a bit among the bridesmaids, but we could find them all in green from various stores.

Below are a few styles that are available on Mango Online Store – Europe area ( I just love all of them, the elegancy and simplicity, even though for today I did not find any one in white. These dresses are even on sale, which make them cost less than $90 on average!

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