Stain on wedding dress and last-minute fixes

You want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. You have spent hours for makeup, hair-do and fitting in your wedding dress. You are going to leave for the church and notice a stain on your wedding dress. “What should I do now?” Don’t panic, a few quick fixes below will help preventing the stain to get bigger or make it look less noticeable.

Ink stain
If you’ve got an ink stain on your wedding attire, soak a bit of hair gel on a Q-tip and gently wipe off the ink stain.

Water stain
There are many occasions during the wedding day that water can leave a mark on your wedding dress. The stain could come from sweat, tears or other types of clear liquid. The best way is to press clean white paper tissue on the water mark to prevent it to expand to other areas. Then hold the stain area in the steam of a boiling kettle. Let dry.
Notice: if you want to dry the water mark with a hair dryer, use the lowest setting, otherwise the water mark can even get bigger.

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Make-up stain
While doing bridal makeup, many times a little trace from your foundation, lipstick or powder could leave a stain on your wedding dress. You can use baby wipes to blot the stain. You should have baby wipes in your wedding day emergency kit. Do not rub, gently and the stain will fade slowly. If you don’t have time and there’s still trace of the stain, an emergency fix is to use white powder to cover it up.

Blood stain
A small cut on your finger without notice and you leave a little blood stain on your wedding dress. One trick to fix this is to gently wipe the stain with a cotton ball with some of your saliva on it. The acidity in saliva will neutralize and fade the color of the blood stain. Repeat a few times until the stain disappears.

The tips below may not make all the stains disappear completely but they will limit the damage when you are in a hurry and do not have time to treat the stain thoroughly. All the items used in the tricks are also easy to find and should be in your day-of emergency kit. Every dress has a different material and may require a different way to clean off the blemish. If you get the stain on your dress before or after your wedding day (when you are not in a hurry), you should consult it with the bridal store where you purchase the dress from.

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