Unique Wedding Idea – Non-floral Wedding Bouquets

If you are the type of person who likes everything off the beaten path, you might want to consider a non-floral bouquet. These non-floral bouquets are not necessarily cheaper than floral ones, except if you can do it yourself and the supplies are cheap. But on the bright side, these bouquets would be unique, draw attention, show your creativeness and can be kept for the rest of your life! You don’t have to toss it away at the end of the day but can keep it as a reminder of the most special day in your life.

Below are some great non-floral wedding bouquets ideas that I have come across and thought I would share here for your inspirations:

Button bouquet and boutonniere

These button bridal bouquets are super fun and crafty! The pastel colored bouquets would be great for a vintage or rustic wedding while the ones with vibrant and popping colors would be suitable for example for a fun summer wedding. Combining a colorful button bouquet with a candy buffet and you’ve got yourself a cool, fun and unique wedding theme!

button bouquet boutonnieres{images by Emil Rajkowski via princess lasertron}

Another button wedding bouquet design:

button wedding bouquets{image via myinspiredwedding}

Pearl and crystal bouquets

These bouquets look so classy and sophisticated! I don’t know who originally came up with this pearl wedding bouquet idea but I just love it! The pastel pink color of the pearls and the sparkling crystals go so well together.

non-floral bouquet crystal pearls{image and tutorial at Oh Dear Photography}

pearl crystal bridal bouquets{via bouquetsandfavours}

Seashell bouquets

These bouquets are so perfect for a beach themed wedding! Even though this idea of seashell bouquets is very cool, I think all the shells make the bouquet look a bit rough. I would prefer to have a mix of both seashells and flowers in a beach themed bouquet.

seashell wedding bouquet{image found on austinweddingblog}

The bouquet below is also made of seashells but because it was mixed with flower brooches, which creates a much softer look.

beach themed wedding bouquets{image via Etsy}

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