Moroccan Themed Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

Many brides want to blow their guests away with unique wedding themes. If you are one of the brides that want a unique and different wedding theme but want to spend minimal effort and money in putting things together, a Moroccan themed wedding might be for you. This article will focus on ideas that are inexpensive and easy to implement so that you can have a beautiful Moroccan inspired wedding without breaking the banks. By incorporating some colors and decorations that showcase Moroccan culture, you can make your guests feel like they have already escaped to Casablanca!

Moroccan wedding colors

The colors for Morrocan style are very rich, deep and vibrant colors. The most popular Moroccan themed wedding colors are purple, deep red, burgundy, gold, teal, blue and deep orange. The easy part of planning a Moroccan wedding theme is that only by putting together the theme colors, you already make the wedding atmosphere Moroccan without having to do much further decorations. Below is an example of Moroccan style colors:

moroccan wedding colors

Moroccan wedding invitations

In addition to the usage of Moroccan colors in your invites’ design and writing, you can put Moroccan styled patterns into the invitation’s design. Another idea is to have a picture of some typical Moroccan landmarks as the background of the invitation.

moroccan themed wedding invitations{via zazzle}

moroccan themed wedding invitations{via Nulki Nulks}

Moroccan themed wedding dresses

There is no strict style for Moroccan themed wedding dresses. You can use a traditional wedding dress with some Moroccan inspired accents such as a belt with one of the Moroccan colors, gold beads or embroider. You can also wear some Morocco inspired accessories such as gold earrings, necklace or bracelet. Below are some ideas:

moroccan themed wedding ideas{via weddingdecoupage}

moroccan themed wedding dress{via LaFemmeFashion}

Moroccan themed wedding decorations

There are several ways that you can incorporate Moroccan elements into your wedding decorations:

Use the Moroccan colors in your table linens. The deep and bold colors of the table linens will make the theme pop. If the budget allows, use silk-like texture for your table linens, this creates a luxury feeling which is the center of the Moroccan style. If possible, pay special attention to plates, fork and knives so that they all have some Moroccan patterns and colors on them.

moroccan themed wedding table{via azeventdiva}

Use colored glassware and Moroccan lanterns in decorations

moroccan themed wedding decorations{photo credits: zephyrtents|designsponge|myweddingbag|fancypantsweddings}

Morrocan themed centerpieces

moroccan wedding centerpieces{by Brian Widdis Photography via Lucia|Paul Design}

moroccan wedding centerpieces{via Vasia Photography on meet-mrs-b}

Other Moroccan wedding ideas:

  • Hire a belly dancer as entertainment for your reception party.
  • Hire a henna artist and set up a special henna area so that your guests can get some Hehndi designs for their hands.
  • Set up a hookahs “lounge”. Many big rental companies rent out hookahs for parties so check with your local rental companies if you are into this idea.
  • Use floor pillows instead of chairs. This idea might not be very practical in reality but if you have a small wedding and the guests seem to be open minded, you could try out this fun idea. At least you can use this idea for the children’s area as children would find the idea of sitting on the floor much more fun and enjoyable than adults generally.
  • To complete a Moroccan themed wedding, include mint tea and couscous in your wedding menu.
  • Hang pictures of Morocco on the wall. This might sound like a simple idea but it will instantly set the Morocco mood for your wedding.

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