Single Flowers in Vintage Bottles Centerpiece

This type of centerpieces is not only perfect for vintage weddings but also for a garden wedding or any wedding that has a casual and informal theme. This beauty of this single flower centerpieces is that you can use any type of old bottles or jam jars that you find, either free from your kitchen or 50 cents from the local flea market. You can make these centerpieces with clear glass bottles or paint them with enamel paint. Enamel paint can be found in most craft stores, and some hardware stores.

Instead of painting on the outside surface of the bottles, Martha Steward people got this wonderful idea of pouring the paint inside the bottle! I think this is a brilliant idea as it’s fast and easy to do, not as messy as the usual painting and gives the bottle an even color coat. To make enamel painted bottles, you first wash and dry the bottle, pour some paint inside, swirl to coat and pour out the excess. Then put the bottle upside down to dry and voila! You get enamel painted bottles just ready to be filled with flowers!

single flower bottle centerpieces{Image via Martha Stewart}

single peonies bottles centerpieces{Image via homeshoppingspy}

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