Autumn wedding ideas – Decorate with autumn foliage

Autumn themed weddings are dreams of many brides and grooms, even the ones that cannot them in the season. Autumn is especially charmed with colorful foliage, the red, yellow and brown leaves that brighten up the whole season. The leaf color changing is miracle and is what makes autumn so special and romantic. That is the reason why autumn foliage is usually the most popular decoration item in any autumn inspired event, and a wedding is no exception.

How to get autumn foliage

Besides being the ultimate symbol of the season, autumn foliage also makes cheap, beautiful and readily available decorative items. There are several ways you can get autumn leaves, the easiest way is to go to the forests and pick the leaves with the best shapes, colors and in best conditions, or you can buy dried leaves in packages online. The dried leaves are already processed and will last you years, however you should be aware that even though they appear to be cheap, the packages are also small and do not contain a lot of foliage.

How to decorate your wedding with autumn foliage

You can use autumn leaves in many wedding decorations: wedding cake, centerpieces, bouquets, the ceremony’s aisle, the gift table, etc.

Autumn leaves on wedding cakes

Wedding cakes are the most popular place to decorate with leaves. To make the colors of the leaves really pop out, white cakes with simple decorations work the best. The leaves can be used alone on the cake or in combination with flowers and other greeneries.

Foliage in centerpieces

Foliage can be used in centerpieces in several ways: you can have a centerpiece made from autumn foliage or mix between leaves and flowers. You can also scatter the leaves around the centerpieces for a natural look. Apart from autumn flowers, berries, chestnuts and pumpkins are also commonly used with foliage in autumn wedding centerpieces.

The gift/reception table is the place that are decorated lavishly in many weddings as that is the first point of contact that the guests see and that’s why it should create an instant impression to them. I have seen in some autumn themed weddings, the gift table is set up with branches with fresh leaves on and it looks absolutely fabulous!

Foliage in wedding bouquets

Even though the use of autumn foliage in wedding bouquets is not as common as in other decorations, it does add a nice touch to the autumn theme.

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