7 Cheap and easy DIY wedding decoration ideas

Wedding ceremony and reception decoration takes up a considerable amount from your budget. Fortunately, this is also a category that you can save a ton from. Below are a few wedding décor ideas that are not only budget friendly but still make your wedding look fabulous.

Decor idea #1: Tissue paper pomander

I am absolutely in love with this wedding decoration idea. Paper pomanders are cheap, easy to make and big paper pom-poms can create an instant wow effect. These are available cheaply at craft store or you can invest a bit of your time and do them yourself. I have seen many creative ideas with paper pomanders. Soft color pomanders create a romantic look while dark colors create a strong impression.

wedding reception decoration ideas
Tissue paper pomanders make stunning wedding decoration - Photos from alwaysandriweddingdesign.blogspot.com

Below are the instruction videos on how to make cheap tissue paper pomanders for your wedding. These videos are in great detail and you can easily make beautiful pomanders following these guidelines.



Decor idea #2: Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are commonly used in tent wedding and can create a dazzling and fairy tale like atmosphere. Paper lanterns can be bought online, for example from www.paperlanternstore.com for $1 – $2 each or from your local craft stores for around $3 – $5 each. You can either hang the lanterns high up on the ceiling of the hall or the tent or hang them low, just over the tables. You can use LED battery powered lights inside the lanterns. These LED lights are most of the time for one time use, once turned on, they will stay lit for 12 to 24 hours.
Below are a few inspirations I found to use paper lantern as a decorative item in your wedding:

wedding reception decoration ideas
Lanterns as wedding reception decoration - Photos from weddingbee.com/2008/03/13/paper-lantern-inspiration


Decor idea #3: Candles

Candle wedding centerpieces are romantic, elegant and one of the cheapest wedding decoration ideas. There are several ways to decorate your wedding with candles. You can either use candles alone or a combination of flowers and candles. Floating candles are also a very popular reception decoration choice. The most simple and yet very elegant decoration is to put some floating candles in a bowl and flower stems or petals around, which is very suitable for an evening reception dinner. However, do remember to check your wedding venue’s policy regarding candles, some venues may have strict rules about how candles can be used, especially votives and floating candles.

wedding decor ideas candlesPicture source 1 | Picture source 2 | Picture source 3 | Picture source 4

Decor idea #4: Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a popular decoration choice in spring weddings. It is cheap, easy to grow and gives a clean and modern look to your wedding décor. You can buy a wheatgrass kit, which is sold widely in supermarkets and gardening store and plant the seeds a few weeks before the wedding.

wedding decor ideas
Wheatgrass is perfect for spring and eco weddings - Photo from boards.weddingbee.com/topic/eco-conscious-wedding-looking-for-ideas


Decor idea #5: Water pearls

Colored water pearls (water gel beads) are another cheap and yet stylish wedding décor idea. They are little gel beads that expand when soaked in water for a few hours. You can either fill up vases with water pearls with or without flowers. If you are going for a non-floral option, use a combination of water pearls, tall and thin vases and LED lights inside. The LED lights will make the water pearls shine and sparkle, creating a trendy and modern look. Water pearls can easily be found in gardening stores or online.

cheap wedding decor ideas

Decor idea #6: Herbs/ Pot plants

Herbs and pot plants make beautiful centerpieces for a green wedding. For a vintage look, you can put the herbs and little plants into cans and tea tins. These herbs and plant centerpieces are so cute to look at and they can be great wedding favors for guests in the end of the reception party. I have seen many cute plant pots in IKEA or dollar store for $2-3 each. You can also use old cans and stick some labels on them, which is very rustic and vintage-y!

wedding reception decoration ideas
Herbs and pot plants are also great wedding favors - Photos from boards.weddingbee.com/topic/live-potted-plants-as-centerpieces


Decor idea #7: Branches

Branches are a great décor idea for a wedding on a budget. You can create so many looks with branches decoration and you can save a lot on floral decoration as branch centerpieces require from non to very few flowers to decorate with. Branches are also easy to find and all year round available. If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can pick up branches from people’s yards or in the forests, otherwise you can order them online. Search on Ebay or Amazon.com, there are many vendors offering branches for a few dollars each. Remember to choose the branches that have some shapes and are not too old. Old branches can easily break later when you hang something on them. The most common types of branches used for decoration are Curly willow, Mazanita, Birch, Grapewood and Cherry Blossoms.

cheap wedding decor ideas

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