6 Kinds of Trips You Should Not Choose For Your Honeymoon

Any couple would want their honeymoon to be filled with many memories and emotions in a romantic setting.  The memory of these special moments will go with you for the rest of your life, as a beautiful start of your marriage. However, unfortunately, not all destinations are suitable for your honeymoon. Here are a few places that you should not go to in your honeymoon.

Where only one of you wants to goideal honeymoon destination

You want to go to China and observe all the great historic attractions while your spouse wants to enjoy a beach holiday with waves, sun and smooth sand. This could result in some conflicts and tense during the honeymoon. Therefore, to ensure that the trip will be fun and relaxing, choose a destination that both of you are comfortable with. In the end of the day, compromising is one of the most important elements of a happy marriage.


Out of 10 women, 9 do not want to go to this type of honeymoon. Many women are dreaming of a romantic vacation and relaxing time with their loved one. And they do not think that romance equals sleeping on the ground in a tent, no matter how magnificent the forest might be. You might think camping is a nice idea at first, to be immersed in the nature, however you can save that for later and think of another destination for your honeymoon.

A place close to where you live

The ideal honeymoon destination is somewhere far away from your usual environment so that you can enjoy the happy time alone together, just the two of you without any thinking about work or domestic chores. Thus having your honeymoon in some place near where you live or work will make the whole trip less fun and not completely relaxing.

Honeymoon and work trip combined

Now this is a total no-no, even if he promises that he will only go to a meeting and spend the rest of the time with you. A honeymoon will be less romantic and relaxing if both of you cannot be totally disconnected from work and home worries.

A too scheduled trip

Spontaneity is one of the factors that make your honeymoon fun and memorable. Even though an organized trip is good for covering most attractions in a tourist destination, too much of it can ruin your fun holiday. So if a trip requires you to get up at 8, breakfast at 9 and being on the road at 10, don’t book it for your honeymoon.

A too crowded place

Many couples nowadays opt for city destinations for their honeymoon. Even though it would be fun to travel to a big city where both of you want to visit for your honeymoon, the noise and the crowd might make your honeymoon feel more stressful and less private. If you still really want a city honeymoon, choose the off season so that there will be fewer tourists.

The last advice is to learn carefully about your honeymoon destination in advance. Ask someone who has been there for their opinion and tips as sometimes even though the place looks very nice in the pictures, it might turn out to be different from your expectations in reality. Be well prepared and you will have a perfect and romantic honeymoon!

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