Unique Wedding Idea – Photo Booth

I have seen in a few weddings where the wedded couple rented a photo booth at the reception party and it is one of the coolest ideas ever! A photo booth can be a very fun activity for everyone at the party. The pictures could be put in a guestbook and given away as gifts for guests at the end of the wedding.

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However the rental price for a photo booth can be a considerable amount in your wedding budget. There are many ways you can find a photo booth company, either by asking your venue, vendor or DJ or searching online for a local rental company. The photo booth is normally rented by hours, starting from over $100/hour. The whole night’s rent is around $1000 – $1500. You will need the photo booth for at least 2 hours as 1 hour wouldn’t give guests enough time and rushing will just spoil the fun.

Many people also attempt to do their own photo booth. Here is a very detailed guide from a person who built a photo booth herself (You click on “Next step” to see the next part of the guide). It might require a bit of effort but doesn’t look difficult or technical and anyone could build one. The good thing about a DIY photo booth, except for more cost friendly, is also very customizable. You can decorate the booth with colors that match your wedding theme and of course the booth is your own property and can be used for many other occasions to come!

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