[Infographic] Wedding Planning To-do Checklist

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful task. There are so many little details you need to take care of, from rings, wardrobe, hair, shoes, grooms and bridesmaids’ attire, wedding reception venue, catering, ceremony site and transportation to the ceremony. You also have to keep track of the costs of each item, how much you plan for each and how much they actually cost.

Tracking your finances in each wedding cost item can be a tedious and time consuming task, that’s why in this post I will recommend you a fun and super useful tool for this task. The infographic below is a truly ultimate wedding planning checklist with all the detailed cost items. Besides it’s presented in a clear and animated way to make the boring financial tracking task so much more bearable! This checklist is a bit long as it pretty much covers most of the important things you have to buy or prepare for your wedding. You can cut this infographic to smaller pieces, print and staple them together and voila you have a small wedding planning booklet to carry around in your handbag!

[Click on Infographic to enlarge]


{infographic from Aussie Blog}

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