Egg Carton Centerpieces – Recycle Your Egg Crates!

Today I came across with this idea of using egg crates for your floral centerpieces and love it! It is cheap, unique and obviously environmental friendly. These centerpieces are not only perfect if your wedding is around Easter’s time but are also great for eco-weddings and other intimate events.

You can use the egg shells as little vases like the centerpiece below

egg shell crate centerpiece

Or use clear plastic cups like this:

egg crate spring centerpiece

Want to make something a bit more permanent? How about this succulent garden in egg crate? Besides succulent, you can also use egg cartons as a planter for other herbs and small plants. These little “gardens” will make your dining tables so much more fun and lively!

egg crate succulent centerpiece

Photo credits (From top): SalvationArmy | Sweet&Simple blog | Factory Direct Craft

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