Submerged Flowers with Floating Candle Centerpieces

Submerged flower centerpieces are easy to do, inexpensive and have a modern and romantic look. These submerged centerpieces are usually placed in clear cylinder vases with floating candles on top. The floating candles do not only light up your table but also give the centerpieces the dazzling and dreamy look. You can totally make these centerpieces yourself. For a submerged centerpiece you will need:

  • Cylinder vase
  • Flower (you can practically submerge any flower, the most popular ones are roses, orchids, lilies, tulips. The reason is that these flowers have strong and quite big stems, which makes the job much easier). You can either use one flower or many for each centerpiece, it depends on your style and how big your cylinder vase is.
  • Flower frog (you can buy this from supermarkets or flower stores) – You plug the flower stem on the flower frog and as it is quite heavy, it will stay in the bottom of the vase and prevent the flower from floating on top of the water.
  • Something to cover the flower frog, which could be water pearls, rocks, colored pebbles or glass nuggets.
  • Floating candle

These submerged centerpieces can be a great idea for your DIY wedding project. Good luck and have fun making them!

submerged rose floating candle centerpiecesImage found on weddingfully

submerged tulip floating candle centerpiecesvia JoyMarie Photographyat brocadenashville