Unique Wedding Idea – Birdcage Centerpieces

Do you want your centerpieces to be unique and different from other weddings? If you want to include nature features into your wedding, you might want to consider birdcage centerpieces. Don’t think that birdcage centerpieces are only for garden or vintage weddings, you can alter the look to make them look classy and elegant also. When choosing birdcages for your centerpieces, try to find simple looking ones so that you can focus on the flowers and birds inside and outside the cage. You can also go for floral decorations inside the birdcage only and omit the birds altogether.You can practically choose anything for your centerpiece besides flowers and birds, including candles, vintage bottles, herbs, plants, fruits, etc. Choose the cage “filling” that is most suitable to your wedding theme.

You can find birdcages for sale online like Amazon, Etsy or Ebay, or offline in your local craft store such as Craft Depot. Walmart also has a section with plain birdcages. The prices range from $8 to $16 per birdcage. After the wedding you can resell the cages online for other brides to recover the costs.

Birdcage centerpiece with only flowers

birdcage centerpieces green flowers{Image found on wedding.blogdig}

birdcage centerpiece orchid candles{Image via Michelle Rago}

Birdcage centerpiece with silk roses and candles

birdcage centerpieces candles roses{Image via weddingbee}

Birdcage centerpiece with vintage bottles

birdcage centerpieces roses bottles{Image found on Projectwedding}

Another way to use birdcages to decorate in your wedding is to hang them around your reception venue. This would be beautiful if you have an outside wedding and can hang them on trees.

birdcage decoration wedding hang{Image via Bonnie Tsang}

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