How to choose perfect wedding flowers by season

What are the most beautiful flowers for wedding?

You may be able to hear the wedding bells ringing vigorously in your head; but without all the details fine-tuned, you’ll be getting nowhere real quick. If you are having trouble getting all the details in order, I don’t blame you. Planning a wedding is seriously tough, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for the bride and bridesmaids. Have no fear! This list of the perfect wedding flowers by season should help you make the perfect decision.

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However, before you begin the process of picking the perfect flowers for your wedding, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Make sure you absolutely love the color of the flower, and ensure that the color will blend majestically with the rest of your wedding colors. For example: you don’t want to showcase a burgundy red bouquet of roses with a bright wedding with plenty of yellows and blues. It simply won’t match.
  2. It’s not all about color, though. Keep in mind: it is important to make sure the size and structure of the flower is something you like, and is something that blends with your attire. For example: a skinny, smaller sized flower will accompany a fabulous, flowing dress with ease, while an equally large and voluptuous flower may be a bit too much.
  3. You can always blend different flowers together until you find the perfect combination. Just remember that you need to be satisfied at the end of the day. After all, this is YOUR special day and no one can tell you otherwise- so do as you please, regardless of what others might say!

Now that we’ve got those simple tips out of the way, here are some of the most popular wedding flowers by season.


StarGazer Lily: Lily is always beautiful. But these StarGazer’s really take the show with their springtime colors of brilliantly bold pink, surrounded by a white edge.

Tulip: A tulip is a subtle, yet wonderful flower that boasts spring colors that are nothing short of wonderful.

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Forget-me-not: With these flowers, no one will forget you. Why? Because these little, yet stunning flowers are very cute and come in a gorgeous summery shade of blue.

Gerbera Daisy: What flower do you think of when summer comes to mind? A daisy, of course! So why not add a splash of one of summer’s most popular flowers? The Gerbera Daisy is simply breathtaking, available in bright summery colors of red, white, and more.

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Chrysanthemum: You might not be able to pronounce this flower, but your eyes will love the fall colors that are warm and friendly.

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Marigold: Ah, the marigold. A must-have flower during the fall. Its lovely orange will make a bride’s bouquet be more beautiful.


Anemone: This gorgeous flower offers a very lovely color that suits any winter wedding.

Jasmine: The pure white of Jasmine makes it a must-have for a winter wedding. Why? Because the gorgeous white shade of this flower matches brilliantly with the white of snow.

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