Branch in Glass Dome Centerpieces

Today I will feature 2 beautiful and unique centerpieces with glass domes. These centerpieces are inexpensive, unique and easy to create. The first one is a branch with paper butterflies in glass dome centerpiece. I found the picture and a detailed tutorial on Sweet Paul. The tools and materials to make this centerpiece is very simple: paper butterflies that you can find online and cut out, a vintage saucer, glass dome, a small branch and glue gun. This branch in glass dome centerpiece is great for a vintage or butterfly themed wedding. You can substitute the paper butterflies with other paper creations, for example flowers or birds to suit your wedding theme.

butterfly branch glass dome centerpiece{image from Sweet Paul}

The second branch in glass dome centerpiece is showcased on Martha Stewart. Actually this branch made into a family tree which carries all the family keepsakes from one generation to another. This centerpieces is not  particularly pretty or eye catching but it is so meaningful and shows that you still think about all of your family members who are not around any more to attend your special day.

family tree glass dome centerpiece{image from Martha Stewart}

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