10 questions you should ask the wedding venue manager

You are choosing a wedding venue for your big day. As this is an important decision, you want to know all the detailed information about your chosen venue. No matter how much your budget is or what your wedding style is, below are the 10 questions you should ask the venue manager before deciding:

1. How many tables and how many people can this venue hold?

2. Is there anyone else besides you having their wedding on the same day?

3. Am I obliged to use the vendors suggested by the venue or can I choose any vendor I want? Some venues, especially historic sites have a list of vendors that they preapprove.

questions to ask venue manager

4. How much does it cost to rent this venue? Which parts of the venue does the rent include? Everything should be clear from the beginning. You should get an e-mail confirmation from the venue manager to make sure everything is in place. Because if any conflict arises around this matter, you will be at a disadvantage.

5. When can the setup start? Floral arrangements and table setting takes minimum 4 hours, take this into account when negotiating the set-up starting time.

6. How much is the deposit? What is the payment method and due date?

7. Does the venue come with any insurance? This should be checked before buying any wedding insurance as the venue may have their own insurance against unexpected accidents such as a storm or a fire.

8. Is there any means of support in case of bad weather? This is especially important for outdoor weddings. Thus check this point clearly with the manager.

9. Is there any limitation for videography and photography?

10. Is the parking place convenient? Is there any parking fee and how much is it?

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